Apart from getting married to your long-term partner, your wedding day is usually filled with plenty of memorable and fun events and activities. It’s the time you get to have your parents, family members, friends, and colleagues in one room. Is that not great? Well, it’s also a time to receive gifts from your loved ones. Traditionally, people tend to buy gifts that you already have or you don’t need. Being your Big Day, you have the flexibility of determining what gifts you want. Read on for alternative wedding registries for your wedding day. https://pixabay.com/photos/bouquet-flowers-purple-rose-man-690657/  

1. The Gift Card Registry

Do you have favorite restaurants, retailers or brands? You can register for gift cards to allow your guests to send you cards to just about any brand or retailer. This is a great alternative to cash, and it also gives you the flexibility to spend it however you want. Gift cards are ideal for modern couples whose homes don’t have a lot of stuff but might be moving to a bigger home in the future. They allow you to shop easily from your desired stores to fill your home.

2. The Honeymoon Registry

If you have a dream honeymoon destination, you can ask guests to chip in towards the expected budget. Instead of gifts, you can breakdown the several costs of your desired honeymoon and allow them to pick an option they can comfortably pay. This option is great as it takes the trouble out of planning your honeymoon. All you have to do is to set a day for the honeymoon.

3. The Cash Registry

If you don’t have any gift ideas in mind, then accepting cash is a great option, too. You can use this money to fund your honeymoon, home renovation projects or save enough for a big purchase. Receiving cash remains a contested registry option, but it’s something you can explore it you’re saving money. You can use an online wedding registry to collect the money, instead of receiving it in cash.

4. The Wine Registry

Have you ever wished to create a simple home wine cellar? Or, do you have a home bar? This is your opportunity to stock your favorite wines. Just create a simple list of wines you love, and let your guests buy whichever they want. You can also add spirits to the list if you want.

5. The Donation Registry

Are you and your guests charitable? You could use your wedding for a good cause. You can identify a charity organization you want and create a registry for it. This can be UNICEF, Feeding America, Direct Relief or Salvation Army. Or, you could crowdsource for a family member or friend who has medical expenses to pay. You’re flexible to pick any activity or cause to fund using your wedding. https://pixabay.com/photos/wedding-bride-asia-beautiful-2784455/

6. The New Home Or Homebuilding Registry

For some people, the idea of a wedding means starting a new home together; whether it’s renting, buying or building a home. So, if you have to buy a new home, let your guests know that you’re saving to buy one and they can chip in to help you attain your goal. Or, if it’s building one, you can let them donate to different aspects of the home building process. This can be getting a building, buying materials, or hiring a contractor.

Final Thoughts

Well, here are just some of the wedding registries you can consider for your Big Day. Your choice depends on what you want to achieve. Take the time to explore your options, and be sure to inform your guests early enough. This is particularly important if you want them to buy gifts from specific retailers.