One of my favorite part of working in the outlet & black tie department is being able to work with the groom and his party.

I think one of the biggest things that I find that bothers me is when the groom has no say in what he or his groomsmen are going to be wearing. I have seen appointments where the bride or mothers completely ignore what the groom would like to look like. “He is here to wear what we tell him to wear”

 I realize that everyone says “this is the brides day”, but the groom is also an important part. Don’t you agree?
Let the groom have a say on what he wants his guys to wear. Having worked in bridesmaids, the groom usually does not have much say as to what the ladies are wearing. Brides let him dress his guys. Prior to him coming in, talk about the colors, the formality that you would like them in. Our consultants can walk the groom through the best looks, how to add color (without it looking like prom) and what will make both the bride and groom stand out on the special day. Come with him to the appointment, but let him have a voice.