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Our consultants guide you towards the ideal package to make your vision a reality. We offer a range of options for intimate or grand celebrations.

For over 30 years, we’ve been Atlanta’s premier destination for exceptional formalwear, renowned for our extensive selection and unparalleled customer service. Now, we unveil a new chapter in our legacy – the Blacktie by Lori Bespoke Tuxedo service.

The Blacktie by Lori Wedding Package

A Journey of Exquisite Tailoring

Should I purchase a Tuxedo?

Purchasing a tuxedo is a personal decision surrounding your needs and the frequency of attending formal affairs.

A common Rental Tuxedo mis-conception is rental tuxedos are ugly and never fit right.

For years the tuxedo industry earned this reputation, because it was true. But in recent years rental styles have evolved to become more stylish and a higher quality. In past decades all tuxedos were made in a traditional cut. This traditional cut would look fine on a wider variety of people.

These days tuxedo are offered in 1 of 3 types of cuts (take a look):

Classic: A traditional fit with more room in the shoulders and body.
Modern: An updated fit with a refined shoulder, waist and armhole.
Slim: Sometimes referred to as “skinny”, this fit has been trimmed in all areas, as well as being shorter in length.

Rental tuxedos from black tie BY LORI are very high quality, made specifically to withstand a lot of use. A rental tuxedo is tougher and longer-lasting than your average retail tuxedo. Rental tuxedos are almost always made from 100% wool with thread counts ranging from around 80 (rougher hand feel) all the way up to luxuriously soft Super 140’s wool (smooth/soft hand feel).

Purchase vs Rent Considerations


Rentals average approximately $180. However, purchasing a quality designer tuxedo can double in pricing, i.e. $500 or more. If cost is a factor, rental may be the best option.

Variety and Investment

Depending on the number of formal occasions you attend per year will determine if renting or purchasing is the best option. On average, if you attend more than 2 formal events per year and are okay with wearing the same style or color, then purchasing is the best route. However, those who prefer to mix and match styles or colors may want to continue to rent so that those options are available to you.


If you are concerned with matching other members of the event, then renting will be the best choice considering most boutiques have options for you to choose from.


If you are young or have issues with weight fluctuation, renting is usually a better choice.


A perfect fit is guaranteed only with a custom-tailored tuxedo. Rentals are not custom-fitted, but will look great with minor alterations.

When ordering a ‘Made-to-Measure’ tuxedo, it can take a few weeks to be constructed and shipped.  Do you have the time for a custom piece?   Rentals are usually available in a few days, while in black tie BY LORI’s store we can provide a rental when you walk in – same day.