Wow!  Who would have thought when we toasted in 2020 that in September this is where we would be. Social distancing, wearing mask, hand sanitizing. In the first six months we went from “Welcoming a New Year” to being sheltered in, businesses closing and a lot of

Being in the wedding industry for the amount of years I have, this industry has been effected in a big way. First so many weddings and events such as proms, galas, graduations were cancelled. This has brides and grooms wondering “what to do” All of our March, April, May and some June weddings were either cancelled, or moved to a different date. The weddings from June to end of the year have been changed. The weddings we are working on now, the number of guest and those in the wedding party have been consolidated.. For example we had a wedding party that had 16 groomsmen, they ended up with 5 and the guest list went down to 75 from the 180. According to where you are getting married and the restrictions that state/city/county has, will determine the amount of guest you can have. We have been going with the flow and being here for the bride and grooms during this difficult time.

We are also seeing trends in the outlet department by Lori and black tie by Lori. Many ladies coming in and wanting a wedding gown quickly, as they are getting married fast with a small party and guest list. The staff in the outlet department have a great selection of dresses. As for the groom and his party they are selecting the more classic looks, such as a classic black or navy tuxedo. We are able to help them make a selection and get all the groomsmen fitted even with the short time frame. We are here to help both the bride and the groom
say “Yes to the Dress and Tuxedo” with a fun, stress free environment.

During this uncertain time just remember, you can still have the wedding of your dreams. You might just see a few changes. A bit more intimate, smaller guest list and party members, but that is okay, this is your day, and you can make it what ever you want. Wear the beautiful gown, tuxedo, even if it is just the two of you . The pictures of your day will always be there and your will always have those memories. Because the important this is that you are getting married to the person you love.