Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to your Questions about Formal Wear

General Questions

How do I rent from black tie BY LORI?
Visit us at our store! The Bride and or Groom can come in and receive personal consultation with a stylist. At your first appointment, they will go over all of the details from the coat to cuff links!
How far in advance should I place my order?
We would LOVE to have you meet with us a soon as plans are being made for your event! If this is for a wedding, we would like to have the order no later than 2 months before the wedding!
How do I return my rental?
The first business day AFTER the event.
Am I allowed to purchase my rental?
No. However, we do have a large selection of designer suits available for purchase!
I have children in my wedding. Do you have small sizes for ring bearers? How much do they cost?
Our rental sizes start at 3T. Anything under a size 3T will need to be purchased. Prices will vary. Please contact our consultants for pricing!
Do you have the color vest and tie that will match my bridesmaid dresses?
Yes! We have over 200 colored accessories. Sometimes, a pocket square or boutonnière is all that is needed for that subtle pop of color. Let a black tie BY LORI consultant help you with determining the best options for your wedding.
If my groomsmen have their own tuxedos, Can they rent accessories?
Yes. However,we strongly recommend that you have your wedding party rent the same tuxedo. There are different dye-lots of black or any color, lapel styles, lapel widths and a variety of other details that can make each tuxedo look different.
When will my tuxedo be ready for pickup?

If a wedding is on a Saturday or Sunday, pick up will be on the Thursday before the wedding. If a wedding is on a Friday, pick up will be on the Tuesday before the wedding.

Does black tie BY LORI offer same day rentals?

YES! We do offer same day rentals on select in house styles. Come on in to get measured with one of our consultants. Once we have the right fit, you have the option to select the accessories that complete the look like bowtie/tie, cufflinks, socks and shoes!

Measurements & Fit

How do I get fitted for my rental?
Please visit black tie BY LORI and have one of our professional stylists measure you for the proper fit. It is a quick an easy process!
What is the deadline for submitting my measurements?
Customers should submit their orders & measurements no later than 20 days prior to the event. Any orders inside of 20 days prior to weardate will incur rush charges. Your order will be cancelled when we cannot accept your order and get it to you in time. Orders are processed within 24 hours after being placed.
How do I know my suit will fit?
black tie BY LORI stands behind the fit of all of our rental items. Your order will arrive within 3-5 days of your event. We need customers to try on the merchandise within 24 hours of arrival. In the event your suit does not fit, our EXCHANGE policy allows customers to receive complimentary replacement.
What happens if my rental doesn't fit?

Try on your tuxedo within 24 hours of delivery. If for some reason your order doesn’t fit, our Exchange Policies have you covered. Here are your options:


  1. For only sleeve and pant length alterations, you are welcome to have a local tailor or dry cleaner adjust the sleeve or pant length. Email us a copy of the receipt to blacktie@bridalsbylori of via our Contact Page. We will refund your credit card on file up to $15 (see our Terms and Conditions). Important note: make sure to specify to the person performing the alteration that extra fabric is not to be cut or removed from the garment.
  2. For sizing issues concerning the jacket shoulders/body, pant waist/seat, shirt neck/body, vests, and shoes, we will send you another item. You may return all items to us after your wear date in the same box as the original items were received in. For requests received after 24 hours of delivery, additional fees/shipping charges may apply.
Do your dress shirts accept cuff-links and button studs?

Yes. While our shirts do not have fold-down French cuffs, they may be used with cufflinks or the built-in buttons. Our shirts will also accept, but do not require, up to four button studs down the front placket.

What is special about your tuxedo pants?

Traditionally, tuxedo pants do not have belt loops, so our tuxedo rental pants have waist size adjusters that can adjusted by about 3”. They can go down in size 1″ or up 2″   All of our tuxedo rentals include suspenders to help keep pants up when they are bit loose in waist.

However, all of our non-tuxedo (suit) pants do have belt loops.   

How do my out of town groomsmen get measured? What is the deadline for submitting measurements?

In the event you or a party member cannot visit our store, please go to a professional seamstress that is convenient to you and have them measure you. Please make sure you get fitted for you jacket size! The Groom is given a link to the website to forward to party members where they can submit their measurements. We would like to have your measurements no later than 30 days prior to the event.

Returns & Cancellations

What if I want to change my order?

If you would like to change your order, please contact black tie BY LORI as soon as possible.

What happens if I return my rental late?

Customers who return the rental late will be charged additional late return fees per our Terms and Conditions. Please contact black tie BY LORI immediately if you know you cannot return the merchandise within one (1) business day of the wear date.


What forms of payment do you take?

At black tie BY LORI, we accept Cash and all major credit cards EXCEPT for American Express.

When am I require to pay?

A deposit of $50 is required at the time of the fitting. If a member lives out of town, payment is required when they submit their measurements. They can pay over the phone or use the link given to the groom at the initial consultation. The balance is due at time of pick up!